Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Alive!

I can not believe it's been almost a month since my last post! On the first day of school one of my teachers told us that if we miss a class we have to get ourselves to the college library, write a paper on what ever topic we missed and hand it in by the next class!  So I jokingly said I guess I'll be dragging my butt to school even if I'm deathly ill and what do you think happens? I have not been that sick in years... I wound up with a bad sinus infection which then turned into a diagnosis of asthma... Not the best way to start off the school year. With being sick and school work I have been so bad at keeping up with reading new posts from all the blogs I follow. Here is what my inbox looks like. 775!!  Yikes. I have got to sit down and start reading!
I did make a cute project for a birthday gift exchange with my quilting friends. We were given a name and their birthday month and then it was up to us to come up with a gift.  My friend Chris' birthday is in April so when I saw this fabric it made me think of spring. I made this weighted pincushion organizer that I found here.  I changed it up a bit. I found emery on Etsy and used it in the small blue section of the pincushion for sharpening pins. I also didn't sew the pocketed section into the pincushion, but used velcro to make it more versatile. I used sand inside the pincushion instead of rice because of the possibility for bugs. I like how it turned out and Chris liked it too! 

Yeah for getting something accomplished!  I hope you are enjoying this crazy winter weather we've been having.