Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Gift from my Daughter

Back in May my daughter sent me a text about a treadle machine she found on Craig's list in Pittsburgh.  After that we didn't talk about it again but I remembered that one of the ladies I work with also sells antiques.  I called my co-worker and asked her if she ever finds treadle machines and she told me she had a beautiful one in working condition and told me I could stop over to see it.  Then Jocelyn came home for a weekend.  She got in late and my husband told her to come wake me up.  She jumped into bed and proceeded to tell me she bought me the treadle machine!  I could not believe it she did that! I was just blown away and so excited until I remembered the one my co-worker had..... what to do, what to do.  

The one Jocelyn bought me didn't work and was missing the front plate.  I showed my friend at work a picture of it and she told me they call them 'Plain Janes'.  She also told me she would be willing to trade it in for the other machine for an additional $50.00.  I talked to Joc to see how she felt about it and she was fine with trading it.  And so we did.   My hope is that one day when Jocelyn has her own boutique she can have it in her shop!  Here it is.
This one actually has a chain hinge that automatically lifts the machine up from the cabinet.  It's in beautiful shape.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.  Hopefully the next time the power goes out I'll still be able to sew!

Blessings friends,


9patchnurse said...

That is so cool! She's a good girl.

Ruth said...

That's a really beautiful machine! I have an old singer that's in not-too-bad shape, and it's one of my favourite possessions!

Jen at A Heart Full of Love said...

That's a beautiful machine! I am visiting from Hoo Are You. I had to giggle when you mentioned you asked for an Ipad and got a golden retriever :)

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