Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Bucket List...

These might be strange 'bucket list' items as some of them are things I can't do on my own but here goes!

1.    Be a grandma. (When my kids are ready for it...)
2.    Pass all my college classes especially algebra.
3.    Go to Ireland with my family.
4.    Remodel my kitchen and pay someone to finish the               walls.
5.    Learn to quilt well including free motion stitching!
6.    Learn to paint with watercolors.
7.    Take a decent vacation every year that doesn't include          camping in the rain.
8.    Be able to run a 5K the whole way - no walking!
9.    See the Grand Canyon.
10.  Go on mission trips with my husband.  
11.  See each of my children have a relationship with the               Lord. 
12.  See each of my children happily married.
13.  Learn how to use my treadle machine.
14.  Learn how to bake/cook decent gluten free foods.
15.  Learn how to take decent pictures for my blog.
16.  I would like to be kidney stone free.

Thanks for reading.  If you want to play along and enter this contest, please do!



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