Saturday, April 2, 2011

I wish I couldn't of taken you!

 I am back from a wonderful week in Aruba.  We were two of fifty six people who flew there to attend a wedding.  Our very close friends son got married there on Saturday, the 26th.  This is definitely not the norm for us.  Our vacations are usually camping.  We are saying this trip covers anniversary, birthdays, and Christmas this year! :)
My husband and I shared a villa with the grooms family.  I will say that although it was beautiful there we did have issues with septic backing up in our bathroom the last three days of our stay so that was not cool.   It's good to be home.  My goodness the dogs were SO happy to see us.  The pup kept crying and the older one kept peeing.  Even though it's cold here at least our bathroom works! :)

I am still working my way through all blog posts I missed reading while away.  Only 134 more to go!:)



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