Sunday, March 20, 2011

My To Do List

I made this chalkboard picture frame back in November for a 'Give Thanks' board for Thanksgiving....  It's still not done.  As I was snapping this picture I thought maybe I should write on there Make the words TO DO with your cricut! :)  For now this sits in my guest/sewing room.

So.... my list.
Number 1 - Iron.   I always have clothes to iron so that will always be on the list.  I also always have laundry and cleaning to do but I don't write that on there.    

Number 2 - Sew Sacha's Gown!   YES!  I am finished!  I re-made a wedding gown from 1945 for a friend of mines May 7th wedding.  I will post pictures after the wedding.

Number 3 - Dress a Girl Around the World.  I started talking to a lady in the cutting line at JoAnn's about 6 weeks ago and she invited me to a sew-in they were hosting at her church.  I got all my fabrics out, got them ready to be sewn into little dresses and then got sick and didn't go.  But I have a pile of dresses to make and send away...

Number 4 - Did you read that?  My husband and I are going to Aruba for our very close friends sons wedding.  Very exciting. 

Number 5 - Done! 

I know that I am strange in the way I love 'To Do' lists.  I usually erase what's been completed but I sort of like seeing that yes, I've got something accomplished.

UGH, I just remembered I need to write Make a new table runner for April!!!
AND I just signed up for another round of Potholder Pass so that will go on there too!

I hope you are all getting your projects completed!  Have a wonderful week!



Anonymous said...

ARUBA?!? Jealous!!

Kathleen said...

Jessica, our vacations are usually camping so this is a big deal for us. It will be our anniversary, birthdays and maybe even Christmas presents to each other! I will be bringing my ipad so I will still be reading your blog!

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Hey Kathleen, I've got an idea! I'll do your ironing for you and then you can take me to Aruba with you! I'm so happy for you. What a great opportunity!

Kathleen said...

Thanks Terri, that is a nice offer! :)

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