Friday, November 2, 2012

A Mug Rug Parade

I made these mug rugs in July as gifts for my aunts at our annual family reunion.  
 Aunt Jane's - she lives in New Bern, NC and loves to go sailing with my Uncle Lloyd.
 This one is my mom's.  I couldn't give all the aunts a gift and not have one for her. 
 She LOVES cardinals.
 My Aunt Anne's - she is now the Matriarch of our Meade family so I thought something 
like a family tree would work for her.
 This one went to my Aunt Jo - she lives on Belle's Island, NC where my family has spent many wonderful vacations. She has lots of bird and squirrel feeders there.
This one is my Aunt Muriel's. She has gone through quite a lot of health issues, her own and my Uncle Vinny's. She never loses her sense of humor. 
 Whoops!  I made this one for my neighbors birthday!  She is a Virginian and loves birds. 

The mug rug with the birds is a close look alike to one made by Kimberly aka bahamadawn.  I changed it a bit and asked her if it was ok to share.  
Enjoy the parade!



Sara said...

They are so wonderfully done Kathleen!! Thanks for showing them off to your readers.

Molly said...

Did you use a pattern for any of these? They're great!

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