Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rowing Along with the Wild Threads

My quilting group the Wild Threads is doing a Mystery Row Quilt-Along.  My friend Lisa aka 9patchnurse, is the brains behind this project.  You can play along with us if you want!  

At our last sew in I brought three different piles of fabric because I couldn't decide which to use.  Lisa and another friend Jennilyn went to town mixing all my piles together!  Horror! :)  

Here is my first row.  I am not 100% sure about block number three with the green.  I guess I will get a consensus at our next sew in this month.

Happy Sewing!



9patchnurse said...

I love it Kathleen! I give block 3 a thumb's up. I have been sketching and contemplating Row 2 this weekend. I found some new ideas and it's nice to see your row so I can picture the new blocks.

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