Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Butterfly Pillows

I work at a local Montessori school called Monarch Montessori. We needed pillows for our soft/library area so I volunteered. :)  I used fabric that I had on hand and only had to purchase the pillow forms.   I thought butterflies would be appropriate so I googled butterfly quilts and found something I thought would work.  I fooled around in pages, basically making a butterfly puzzle that I used that as my pattern.   
I literally cut out the pieces, adding a 1/4" around and then once I had cut all the fabric out had to re-tape the 'puzzle' back together again so I could figure it out.  I am sure there must be an easier way but since I am just getting back into quilting it was the only way I could think of!
I stitched around the border of the butterfly and free motion machine stitched around the border.  I added hand embroidered antenna.  

I was pleased with the results and the children loved them!

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9patchnurse said...

Those are lovely! Great job and perfect for a school called 'Monarch'.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Lisa! That means alot coming from you!

Mission Valley Nana said...

these pillows are great! thanks for sharing.

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