Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Paddy's Teacher Gift

Here is a cute little gift that I had made for my kids teachers when they were in school.  I decided to make them this year for the teachers at the Montessori school where I work.  Here is the one I made in the past.  It says 'You are worth your weight in gold!'

I was a little unsure if that would be offensive so I went and made two new ones.  I found free pot of gold graphics on google images.  One has the old saying and the other says 'You are a Treasure.'  Here is that document if you care to use it.  

  • Little bags of Chocolate coins- I found some at Joann's, $1.49 for 9 coins and at Walgreen's, $1.59 for 2 bags but each bag had only 5.
  • Plastic goodie bags that you find in the chocolate making isle at Michael's or Joann's.
  • Print out of document.

1.  Cut out the print and fold in half.
2.  Trim the plastic bag down a bit.
3.  Staple the print out over the open end of the bag.

Wa-la!  Cute gift that lets the receiver know you appreciate them!



Jen said...

Awesome and very cute! Thank you for sharing!!!

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