Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Evidence that I'm Nuts...

We are Raven's fans over here. Tomorrow we are getting together with our good friends to watch the game. You know Flacco's Fu Manchu? I decided to make some mustaches just for fun. I went to JoAnn's for stiff purple felt but they were out so I bought regular purple felt and a stiff white felt that I used for the back. I also stopped at Michaels just to see if they had any stiff purple felt and they actually had a mustache candy mold!!!  How fun is that? I bought purple candy melts and then spent the whole afternoon and evening yesterday making purple mustache pops. I only had one mold so I literally made one at a time, waited for it to harden, and then repeat, again... and again... I only made 16 and by then it was midnight- no lie. I used a paint brush and just used the purple to coat the mold and filled the rest with milk chocolate.

Today I made purple felt mustaches and glued them onto wood sticks.  I found a couple of different styles of fu- manchu mustaches on google images and made a few of each.  Here is a scary picture of me sporting my 'stache'.    

Next on the to-do list for tomorrows game is Cream of Crab soup!  Enjoy your weekend!



Libby said...

LOVE it all!!! yes, a bit crazy, but fun!

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