Friday, December 9, 2011

The Vanilla Adventure part 2

Yesterday I took my Vanilla that's been brewing since the middle of May and bottled it all up. This year I decided to buy 4 ounce bottles so I would have more to give away.  You can go here to read about where I buy my beans and bottles. My one gallon jar of Vanilla made 20, 4 ounce bottles and 3, 8 ounce bottles.  After I made my last batch I read about using the left over vanilla beans to make vanilla sugar.  I decided to try that this time around. I laid the wet beans out on a cooling rack so they could dry out for a day or so.  Then I divided them up between four containers and filled them with sugar.  I used about a 5 pound bag of sugar.  You can use this sugar for baking or add it to your coffee! Yum!
Here is a different kind of sweet. Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Sadie. She is the most faithful dog and takes her protection 'job' very seriously. She never leaves my side.   

On a side note I was featured over on Measured by the Heart.  Take a look at Connie's blog.  I found it recently and just love it!

Blessings friends,


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