Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Scrappy Trip Around the World

My quilt group the Wild Threads decided to make a quilt and donate it to the church where we have our sew-in's. They are having a fundraiser pony show in July so we thought a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt would be a great group project and a way of saying thanks for allowing us the use of their great space.  Here is a link to a flickr group with lots of Trip Around the World blocks.  We each brought eight 2 1/2" by WOF (that means Width of Fabric!) strips to our last meeting, threw them all in a big pile on the floor and then everyone just chose enough for 2 blocks.  Lisa brought the red fabric for all of us so that each block would have red running through it.   These blocks were super easy to make.  Here is a tutorial on how to make them.

My friends are all going on retreat this coming weekend and are going to put them all together. I can't wait to see how it looks! 

In other news I am sick again - I guess it comes with working with little children. Have you been hearing any of the hulabaloo about how keeping an onion in your room sucks up the germs? Yeah, my bedroom smells like onions but I am still sick... 
Wishing you good health, love, and laughter!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rowing Along - Row 2

I finished this row a while back and apparently forgot to blog about it. I am participating in a row-a-long with my quilting group the Wild Threads. The blocks are 8 1/2" squares. Each row has 6 blocks.  
They are all the same block but I switched the solid colors around on each one and I turned some on their sides when I sewed them together so it wouldn't be so matchy-matchy!
Here is both row 1 and row 2 together.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I am a follower of Little Birdie Secrets. 

She had a giveaway recently for Flirt earrings on Etsy and I won!
How fun is that!

Here is what I chose:
 The Melody in Yellow
 The Bobby in Turquoise
The Mandy in Coral 
(I know these are yellow - couldn't find the Coral on her site)
Her prices are very reasonable - I was going to order the yellow ones for a certain person I know in Pittsburgh.  I am glad I waited!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conversation Hearts

This was a quick and easy craft. I saw it here at A Fish Who Likes Flowers. As soon as I saw them I decided to make them for my co-workers. I bought my cardboard hearts at JoAnn's for $1.00 a box. They only had 6 of the smaller sizes left and there are 6 teachers so that was perfect! The two larger hearts will go to the director and the administrator. I mixed up some different shades of acrylic paint and used my Cricut to cut out the letters with pink paper. I used Modge Podge to adhere the letters to the box and when they were dry I sealed the top with more Modge Podge. After a quick trip to Target for chocolates they are ready to be delivered tomorrow!

Blessings and Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Love Mantel

I have always admired my sister-in-laws knack for decorating.  I recently started gathering items for my own decorating and started with my mantel.  Here is February's.
I took the chalkboard from my sewing room and wrote famous quotes on it. "You complete me", "As you wish", "Ditto", and a few from the notebook.  I made a heart garland with red, white, pink, and gray felt.  
I found the pink moon printable here. I changed it a bit and added 'Always & Forever' at the bottom because that is the song my hubby and I danced to at our wedding.  I found the oval frame at a local consignment shop, spray painted it red, and put the I Love you art that I posted about here in it.  I removed the labels from a wine bottle, printed Elizabeth Barrett Brownings "How Do I Love Thee" sonnet, rolled it up, tied it with a red ribbon and put it in the wine bottle for a message in a bottle.
I bought an X and an O at JoAnn's.  Another Valentines subway art found here.  I found the frame and the cute candle stick at the consignment shop.

Best part was I actually had it all done for the first of the month.  Funniest thing was my husband came to me to ask me if I wasn't feeling loved and that was why I was doing 'all this love stuff'.  I made sure he knew I was fine and that I know he loves me! :) 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love in a Box

I just packed up a box of goodies to send to my daughter in Pittsburgh. Along with cards and chocolate - I mean you have to have chocolate! I made a few Valentine's decorations for her new place. 
I found both frames at a local consignment shop. I used red spray paint for both frames. I made a word document with I love you in a gray font and glued pink buttons in a heart shape. I kept the mirror behind the art in case she wants to change it back after the holiday. For the second frame I used a subway art print that I found here. I changed some of the words to make it more personal to my daughter. I also made her a heart garland out of red, pink, white, and gray felt. 

Hopefully it will bless her and let her know how much she is LOVED! 



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sewing in Style!

A few weeks ago I spent the day sewing with my Wild Thread friends. A local church allows us to use their space and it is always a great day spent chatting, eating, and of course sewing. I noticed my friend Pat sitting on one of these. I had never seen one before. She let me use it for a while and I loved it so much as soon as I got home that night I ordered one. 
Here is the product description: Place the softly inflated disc in your chair to prevent fatigue, reduce pressure on the tailbone and help to relieve lower back pain, while strengthening core muscles and improve posture. Place smooth side down. The knobby texture allows air flow for cooler seating and promotes improved blood circulation. Air filled and will stay soft and comfortable. Can be used in hard or soft chairs, recliners, car seats or anywhere you sit for long periods of time.


PS.  I am not being endorsed - I just love it! :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Honey Honey

Look what came in the mail today.  

The packaging was so pretty I didn't want to open it but I am glad I did. Just what this academically overwhelmed gal needed.  Isn't it pretty!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snoopy Love!

It's done!  I have to say I am really happy with it. I blogged about how I made the Snoopy's here if you want to see how I made them. I am grateful to my friend Lisa for the loan of her Go Accuquilt. I would of still been cutting out triangles if it wasn't for her. An accuquilt is now on my list of must haves. 

The quilt measures 40" by 48". I made 5 Snoopy's but wasn't happy with the random placement I was thinking of initially so I opted for 4 on the front.  I figured out that the shape of two of the Snoopy's were pretty similar so I put them back to back. I also had enough squares left over from the front to do 2 rows at the top and 2 rows at the bottom. I changed up the pattern a bit and had the solids make a zig zag. It was a bugger lining up all the lines front to back but it worked! I FMQ'ed the Snoopy's and did straight lines on all the rest.  I used a diagonal stripe for the binding. It is now all wrapped and ready to be delivered, thankfully before the baby is!

Happy Groundhog Day!