Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jammies

Our family tradition when my children were growing up was that they each got a new pair of pajamas for Christmas. It was the one gift they could open on Christmas Eve. All the pictures of Christmas morning showed my kids in nice, brand new jammies. Well, my kids are grown now. Michael is 27, married for almost 3 years and I figure his pajamas are now his wife's concern. Thomas is 24 and still living at home. To be honest he comes and goes but he hasn't officially moved out yet. And then there is Jocelyn, my 21 year old daughter who is studying Fashion merchandizing at a college four hours away.
This year Jocelyn requested footy pajamas for Christmas. Now, she can still fit into the girls clothes at Target and Target happened to have footy pajamas for $12.98! But... she wanted a pair made by her mom. What is a mom to do? Well, I was going to make her pj's! :)
Guess what? They don't sell footy pajamas patterns anymore. I found a McCalls pattern for pajamas that included pants and an one piece but no feet. I had to try to figure out the feet on my own. I wound up buying a pair from Target to look at. I think I still need to tweak the feet. I am happy to say she loves them. Here they are....

Ok, now I can't make Jocelyn a pair of pajamas and not make a pair for Thomas! Here is the pair I made for him. I made the bottoms out of fleece from JoAnn's and then found a t-shirt at Marshalls. I was going to paint a dinosaur on the front. I found an image on google, printed it out, traced it onto waxed paper and cut it out. Then I tried to iron the paper to the shirt so I could paint it but that did not work. Thankfully Jocelyn was home from school by this point and told me I needed freezer paper. There was no freezer paper to be had so Jocelyn showed me how to make an applique out of an orange t-shirt. I put the right sides of the fabric together, traced the dinosaur on and then sewed all around the edges. Trimmed all around, clipped to the corners, cut a slit in the back and turned right side out. My zig-zag isn't working so I hand sewed on the dinosaur. I really like how they turned out.
Here's hoping you have a warm and cozy day.


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