Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Home Made Christmas Pledge

THE PLEDGE - About two months ago I was informed by my 21 year old daughter who is away at college, that she was participating in a home made Christmas pledge. She was only going to give home made gifts and she only wanted to receive home made gifts.... Well, that is a lot to put on a person but I rose to the challenge. I started racking my brain to come up with things I could make for her for Christmas. She told me that if my husband also made something for her she thought she would just cry. SO... more racking of the brain. I did come up with some ideas that I think she will really love.

THE PROBLEM - She is my only follower (that I know of, anyway) so I can't post about them yet!

I've been wondering how all these amazing women bloggers that I follow each day post about their creations. I have decided that their children must not be reading what mom is blogging about. And that makes them even more amazing ~ they have young children at home and are still creating and posting to inspire me. So if you hang on for a little while I' will try to post about some of the things I've made so far. Until next time.


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