Sunday, January 9, 2011

Everyone Should Have a Pretty Apron

This Christmas I made a few aprons as gifts.  I had seen one similar to the first two on Etsy and thought I would try to make one.  Since I didn't have a pattern I used two of my own aprons as a guide, making sure the bust area was large enough to actually cover a bust and for the length.   

This one was for my daughter in law who has a black, red, and white kitchen theme.  I bought one yard of the cherry fabric, one yard of black polka dots, and a red flat quarter.  It is lined with the polka dot. There was enough fabric on the flat quarter to make both pockets and the ruffle trim.  I used a vest buckle at the neck so you don't have to tie it.  I placed the ruffle low enough at the neck so that if they wear it with the other side out you can't see it, although there aren't pockets on that side. 

 This one is my mom's.  I tried to match her kitchen colors.  

 I made this one for my daughter.  The colors in these pictures are not accurate.  The picture below is a close up and shows the actual colors.  I saw it in a craft book I got out of the library and thought it was so cute.  It is totally reversible down to the tie that has little button holes to pull it through to the other side.  I love the way it turned out.
Here is a close up of the bodice.

Now that Christmas is over I am going to make myself one.  Maybe it will inspire me to want to cook more than I do now.  We'll see!

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