Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Parade of Snowmen

I just finished putting away my Christmas decorations and thought I would post pictures of some of the snowmen I've made in the past.

This one is made of muslin, felt hat, fabric scarf, wood heart buttons, 
twigs and a painted face. 

 Rolled up batting.  Purchased felt hat. Big, honking nose made from styrofoam, 
twig arms, buttons for eyes.

 This one made from round wood boxes.  Just paint with a little fabric for his 
hat and scarf and buttons.

 I love this one.  My husband used his band saw to cut it out and I made these for all my kids teachers throughout the years.  I stained the top part.  The snowman is painted with white textured paint for the snow and he has a paper twist scarf.  

 I made this at a ladies craft night at our church.  The lady who taught the class 
cut them out for us.  He is holding a little broom in his one hand!

 This one is just a 1x6 painted white (black at the top) with a piece of thin wood for the brim.  He has button eyes and mouth.  I just noticed he's lost a few buttons on his tummy.  I used textured paint on him and a fabric scarf.  His nose is a dowel I whittled at the tip that is way too big for his face!

This one is my favorite.  The Weber snow family. I made it from a pattern 
using white flannel and batting.  Fabric scarves, one hat is made with felt 
the other from a sock, buttons, and a sharpie:)

You can tell I made it a while ago because Michael is now taller than my husband Frank, Thomas is as tall as Frank, and Jocelyn is as tall as I am! Even with Michael married almost 3 years now I can't bring myself to change it.  I know I should either re-do the whole thing and add Michaels wife or take Michael off.   But I tell you it is still very weird for me not to write Michaels name when I sign Christmas cards so for now I guess it will stay like this. Has anyone else felt like that?

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Libby said...

My mom and dad still hang the "let it snow" man in their livingroom! I never knew you make it =)

Kathleen said...

Libby, that makes me smile~

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