Monday, January 24, 2011

Potholder Tutorial

I had some scraps left over from an apron I made my mom so I thought I would make her a potholder to match.  This is an easy way to make yourself a new one.  I don't know about your potholders but mine get nasty fast.  It doesn't matter how often I wash them.  This is a log cabin pattern and I am sure this technique has a name but I don't know it!

Supplies -
  • Scrap fabric - You will need one 8x8" piece for the back and 2" strips of the fabric for the front. 
  • Batting - I used one piece of batting and one piece of felted wool.  I used the felted wool on the bottom so that the batting wouldn't get caught up in the feet of the machine.  You could use a scrap of fabric under the batting if you want.
  • Thread
  • Purchased 1/2" wide Double Fold Bias Tape for the binding. 

Directions -
1.  Cut a 8" square of batting.   Pin layers together.

 2.  Place the piece that you want to be in the center, in the center. :)

3.  Pin fabric to first piece, right sides together, and sew one edge 1/4" seam.  Flip fabric open.  I just cut the fabric strips to length as I needed them.

4.  Keep doing the same thing.  Pin fabric down, sew, and flip open.

 Here is the center and one 'row' completed.
 Second 'row'.
 Third 'row'.
The back is going to look like this - not so pretty.  

6. Trim the batting so the edges.  Add the back piece of fabric and sew along the edges to hold everything together.

7.  Take your bias tape and open it open it up, placing the edge of the tape to the edge of your potholder and sew in the folded area of the tape.   Corners are tricky but I just sew to the point where I need to turn and fold the tape out of the way, pivot and proceed. When done sewing it all around, I fold the end of the tape under and sew that down.  Turn the bias tape over.  It will now cover the edges and you can either hand stitch it down in the back or use a machine. You can add a loop or a grommet if you choose or just have it as is.

No need to top stitch anything because it's already done for you!  



Rachel said...

The 'technical' term for the way you put the pot-holder together is called 'quilt as you go'.
Very nice! I need to make some new ones for my kitchen as well!

Kathleen said...

Thanks Rachel, I knew there was a name for it! :)

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