Tuesday, January 25, 2011

True Confessions

Not exactly what you might think I mean but I have to tell you what I got myself into. 

One of the blogs I follow, During Quiet Time hosts a potholder swap.  I saw the post after Christmas and since I had just been making a lot of crafts I thought I would be 'brave' and sign up.  I mean how hard is it to make a potholder?  I can sew, I've made quilts (a long time ago), heck I've even done some embroidery in my day.  HA!  

When I say I am way out of my league I am not kidding.  The best part (or the worst part, depending how you look at it is) when I first signed up I was turned down.  And that was ok.  I mean I was a little disappointed but I am all about rules and was fine with it.  Then I had a thought.  One of the problems that come up in a swap is sometimes the potholders don't get made or sent, leaving someone without.  

SO...  I emailed Amy and asked her if it would be ok with her if I made two potholders on my own that she could have in the event someone couldn't get theirs done.  That way I could 'participate' without the pressure! :)  And what do you think she did... She let me in the group!!!!!!!  YIKES...  And the 'theme' this time around is monotone.  Your partner picks a color and you make two potholders and mail them by a certain date.  

I am now learning how to free motion stitch and reading quilting books from the library and praying that my partner likes what I have come up with.  Here they are.  I still need to add the binding.  And practice some more for the other back.   

 I was inspired to do sort of a Subway art feel.

Sometimes we need to be stretched a bit and get out of our comfort zone.



Amy said...

I'm so glad that you joined us! Clearly it was the right decision to let you in...you have been super chatty and friendly and are doing a great job on your potholders. I have to say that freemotion stitching is 10 times harder through all the layers of a potholder than it is on a quilt. When you try that, it will be a relative breeze!

Kathleen said...

Thanks Amy, you are too kind. I did use one piece of cotton batting for the back and then I used a piece of the thermal stuff for the front and then I am just going to put them together and bind them. I was having a heck of a time figuring out what to quilt on the front because they are kind of busy but I think I am happy with them.

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